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A200: Acrobatic Basics (A200)

A200: Acro-Basics is designed to provide introductory knowledge in the discipline of Acrobatic Gymnastics. This course is appropriate for anyone interested in acrobatics, including judges, coaches, and club owners. It can provide beneficial information to those just wishing to learn a bit more about acro, as well as, those who are taking the first steps to become involved with this discipline - either as a coach or a judge.

Acro-Basics covers a variety of topics including basic terminology, key concepts and principles, beginning skill techniques, recreational versus competitive acrobatics, rules overview, equipment needs, scoring, judging basics, and much more. Numerous pictures, illustrations, and videos provide a wealth of information and instruction.

The A200: Acro-Basics Course is designed for and focuses on giving the entry level coach or judge a foundation in which they can build. Upon completion of this course, the learner will have a better understanding of the concepts, skills and techniques used in the sport of Acrobatic Gymnastics.

This course is offered in an online format only. It will take approximately 2-3 hours to complete.
  • Intro-Chapter 1 The Beauty and Thrill of Acrobatic Gymnastics
  • Chapter 2 Acro Essentials
  • Chapter 3 Balance, Basic Skills, Terminology, and More
  • Chapter 4 Dynamic Basic Skills, Terminology, and More
  • Chapter 5 Coaches Corner
  • Chapter 6 Judges
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed